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What To Know About a 40-Year Mortgage

If you take a look at your mortgage options, you might find an option for a 40-year mortgage. Now, most lenders do not offer this as an option, but if you find yourself struggling to keep up with your mortgage payments, the lender may offer to restructure your loan into a 40-year term. Is this a smart move, and what do you need to know about this choice? Your Monthly Payments Get Smaller One of the top benefits of restructuring your loan to a 40-year term is that you shrink your monthly … [Read More...]

What’s Ahead For Mortgage Rates This Week – August 15, 2022

Last week’s economic reporting included readings on inflation and consumer sentiment along with weekly readings on mortgage rates and jobless claims. Inflation Rate Unchanged in July According to the government’s Consumer Price Index, month-to-month inflation did not rise in July as compared to June’s reading of 1.30 percent growth. Analysts expected a reading of 0.20 percent inflationary growth. Inflation rose by 8.50 percent year-over-year against expectations of 8.70 percent … [Read More...]

The Top Reasons To Downsize When You Retire

If you plan on retiring in the near future, you might be thinking about moving. The kids might be grown, and you might not want to take care of such a large house. If that is the case, you should consider downsizing. When you downsize your home, you trade in your larger home for a smaller one. What are some of the top reasons why you should do so? 1. Bulk Up Your Retirement Account The first reason why you should downsize is that you will free up more resources you can contribute to your … [Read More...]

The Top Tips To Remember When Moving

If you have recently purchased a home, you are probably excited to move into your new house; however, the moving process can be stressful. There are a few important tips you need to keep in mind if you are moving soon. Make sure to plan ahead, as there are several ways to save time and money. Get Quotes From A Few Moving Companies First, you need to get multiple quotes from multiple moving companies. If you have heavy furniture, it is better to hire a moving company to reduce the chances of your … [Read More...]

Call in the Pros: 4 Ways That Using a Mortgage Professional Will Save You a Lot of Money

It may seem better to go it alone when it comes to acquiring a mortgage, but there are many benefits associated with using a mortgage professional that can make finding your dream home a lot easier. If you're currently getting prepared to hit the market and are weighing your options, here are some reasons that a professional who knows the neighborhood will save you money. Strong Market Knowledge Many homebuyers can take a look at the MLS listings to find the price of properties selling in the … [Read More...]

The Type of Home You Want to Buy Determines Your Closing Cost and Here’s Why

Savvy home buyers who are preparing to make a real estate purchase should do their research and understand that they need to save money for not only the down payment but the closing costs as well. The closing costs can account for as much as three to five percent of the sales price in some cases, so this can be a rather sizable amount of money. Some home buyers however, may not realize that the amount of closing costs can vary considerably based on the home that is … [Read More...]